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I Can Still Take You Down A Notch by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
I Can Still Take You Down A Notch :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 13 5
Smile Through It by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Smile Through It :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 11 6
No More Fighting by Feyd-Rautha3
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No More Fighting :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 12 13
'What did I tell you about that attitude, kid?' by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
'What did I tell you about that attitude, kid?' :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 14 4
Ass-assin by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Ass-assin :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 11 4
A Fork in the Road
“Hey mutt. Glad to see you still remember me.”
Zack eyed Sabretooth, unsure if he should attack or flee. He didn’t know if either of those options would really work out in his favor. Sabretooth had beaten him in every fight before, but he was also very fast, and running back to the school would just bring the other mutant closer to his friends.
“Relax,” Sabretooth lowered himself to sit on the ground, settling against a different trunk than the one Zack had flopped against. The whole tree shook from his weight. He smirked in amusement, eying Zack’s stance. “Magneto didn’t send me after you this time; I was out hunting and I caught your scent. You’re lucky I found you on a full stomach, otherwise I wouldn’t be in such a good mood. What are you doing this far from home? Does the runt know you’re out here?”
Warily, Zack relaxed his posture when the other mutant sat down. Sabretooth wouldn’t be able to strike out
:iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 2 5
Still Learning (TTW continuation)
“You need to learn a move other than ‘lunge’, Pup,” Logan called out. “Try taking the sentinel out another way.”
Zack huffed in frustration. This was not a fun Danger Room lesson at all. This metal… Thing was impossible for him to sink his teeth into. He had tried to tear out it’s throat and now his mouth hurt. He was told that the real thing was even bigger than this one was, but he wasn’t sure how much he believed that.  Logan said that for the sake of this lesson, the size didn’t matter, finding the weakness did. None of the normal weak spots were working for him, though.
He began to circle it, thinking of other ways he could attack, but before he had a chance to formulate anything the metal creature lifted a hand and shot some kind of energy beam at him, sending him tumbling backwards into a wall.
Zack shook his head and then turned to glare at Logan. He changed form so he could yell. “You did that on purpose!
:iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 1 5
Who's Next? by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Who's Next? :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 18 22
The Diet Coke of Evil by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
The Diet Coke of Evil :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 26 2
Skystriker by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Skystriker :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 24 6
Underwear by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Underwear :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 10 0
ACGaS: Dog Days by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
ACGaS: Dog Days :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 5 2
They Grow So Fast by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
They Grow So Fast :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 37 10
Undersea Spanking by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Undersea Spanking :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 64 3
Little Brothers Caught and Spanked by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Little Brothers Caught and Spanked :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 28 18
Burglar by Feyd-Rautha3
Mature content
Burglar :iconfeyd-rautha3:Feyd-Rautha3 18 10
If anyone really wants a print, I'll make it available. However, I didn't think anyone would so I just left it go.

Random Favourites

Kitty corner by Rie-Anessia
Mature content
Kitty corner :iconrie-anessia:Rie-Anessia 24 45
Bone Claws Wolverine by NotWolverine Bone Claws Wolverine :iconnotwolverine:NotWolverine 32 7 wolf fan art by darklunawerewolf wolf fan art :icondarklunawerewolf:darklunawerewolf 2 3 Logan doing what he does best. by E-25 Logan doing what he does best. :icone-25:E-25 34 5 I'm way too hot for THAT :R: by emptycRAYnium I'm way too hot for THAT :R: :iconemptycraynium:emptycRAYnium 78 15 Grooming by AkatsukiSpanking Grooming :iconakatsukispanking:AkatsukiSpanking 3 5 SPIDER DEAD-POOL by jorcerca SPIDER DEAD-POOL :iconjorcerca:jorcerca 139 31 Mein Bruder by Arkham-Insanity
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The Castle Walls
Where the curtains of silence
gather dust in the dark
I hope I can come forth as a brief and bright spark.
Where the formalities and burdens
have washed out the lines
I hope I can leave you a piece of my mind.
You follow the trail blazed by so many before:
The bores and the whores and
the dogs of war...
I'm not the fashionable man or his expensive retreats,
not the manufactured liberal mind,
but for a moment think without being told how
and perhaps you will like what you find.
Autumn comes and there you are standing
in a pile of many-colored leaves,
wondering where the summer went this time.
Whence comes the reason, or the rhyme?
New beginnings, move on –
Leave the past behind
with your previous mind –
and cut away the worthless rind –
peel off what is civil, open and kind
and chase the counterculture that comes
fresh – over the counter.
The media men now hold your love and your hate
and why should you care?
The vinyl sounds great.
How did I get here
from a world of
:icong-r-fracassa:G-R-Fracassa 9 13
The Birth of Venus by MagpieMagic The Birth of Venus :iconmagpiemagic:MagpieMagic 10 2 Neurotic Indisposition by alexiuss Neurotic Indisposition :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 37,051 2,721



United States
I am a big spankophile, which means I'm into spankings, so most of my deviations will have spankings in them. If you don't like don't look. Just please don't send angry comments to me. If you want to ask a question, feel free, but only if you are curious, not anything to bash me please.
All other spankophiles welcome :)

Current Residence: Arrakis
Favourite genre of music: depends on my mood
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Wolverine
Ok, so I really need money, I am having trouble finding a job this semester. I am going to try to take on more commissions. I know that I have not submitted much lately, but don't worry that a piece of commissioned work will take too long. If it is something paid for, I get it done in decent time. That said, here are my prices:

:bulletgreen: Sketch:
I do not have a good example of this one. It will be a drawing on paper, scanned to the computer, but not cleaned up after scanning. No color.

:bulletgreen: Lineart:
I do not have a good example of this either. Basically, a sketch that has been scanned to the computer and remade with nice, clean lines, but no color.

:bulletgreen: Coloured drawing with no background:

Mature Content

They Grow So Fast by Feyd-Rautha3


:bulletgreen:Coloured drawing with simple background:
Agonistic Behavior by Feyd-Rautha3

:bulletgreen: Coloured drawing with detailed background:

Mature Content

Undersea Spanking by Feyd-Rautha3


:bulletgreen: Animal Portraits (sorry, not uploaded to my dA):…


:bulletgreen: People Portraits (similar to this):
My Tribute To Shark Week by Feyd-Rautha3

:bulletgreen: Comic/Series, no color:
$11 for the first page, $5 for every page after that.

:bulletgreen: Comic/Series, color:
$16 for the first page, $8 for every page after.

Every drawing includes up to two characters, and every extra character will be an additional $1.

:bulletgreen: Stories will be $5 a page, and have unlimited characters. You tell me the plot you want and how many pages you want it to be, I will tell you if that plot can fit that number of pages or if it is implausible for a good story. Once the amount of pages is agreed upon, if I go over while writing then I will not charge you extra.

I am willing to draw and/or write about absolutely anything, but for 'mature themes' (including spankings, even non-kinky kind) they have to follow legal requirements, such as if you want me to base something off real people, the subjects need to consent to the piece and be eighteen years of age or older.

A hardcopy of your piece can be sent to you if you would like it, but I will ask that you include a cover for shipping. I can give you an estimate for that once I know where to ship it to, and I will ship outside the US if you are willing to pay for it.

I accept payments over paypal or mail. You won't get your work until I get paid- you will get a preview to make sure it is what you want. But do not send money until I have accepted the commission.

If you are interested, you can send me a note here or email me at



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Sorry it took so long to respond. I have been really busy lately. My birthday was... Alright. xD But I am doing well. How are you?
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